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Looking for an android developer?


Do you want to get a new mobile app or want to convert an iPhone app into android? Well, no matter if you want to customize an old application or want to get a new one, you should hire a professional Android developer, who has deep knowledge and long years of experience in developing robust android applications with required features. Even though there are many people who claim to be professional android developer, writing android programs needs the hands of expert developers. So continue reading to get a good idea about:

How to hire android developer:

hire android developer

open source Open Source

Android developers should be aware of many good open source libraries and need a good knowledge of the Android open source ecosystem. Their involvement with the Android Open Source Project itself either in form of patches submitted or bugs filed shows deep knowledge of the Android platform.

javaKnowledge on Java

Advanced understanding of the underlying Java platform can serve as the foundation for any good Android Application. So, a good Android developer must have mastery of the Java fundamentals. Your developer should know what data types to use in the right situation and how to properly use synchronized. They also need experience with the Java Native Interface.

versioning Versioning

Android has several versions all of which have their own unique set of APIs and capabilities. As Android devices have many different sizes, pixel densities and resolutions, the android developer you choose should be able to handle all of those.


Publishing an Android application and gaining traction is actually quite tricky. So make sure that your developer is able to guide you how to publish an application as well as how to manage customer feedback and keep your rating high.


Like any other professionals, Android application developer should also have good communication skill in order to convince the clients about their ideas and suggestions.

Hopefully, now you have got some good tips that help you hire a good Android developer, who is able to develop an app according to your requirements.