Enterprise application development

Enterprise application is the term that is used to describe software or applications by a business to assist the organization in solving enterprise problems. As the word “enterprise” is combines with “application”, it usually refers to large and complex software used for individual or small business purposes.

All businesses depend on critical applications to function their business effectively, as absence of these applications may make huge negative impact on revenues, reputation and customer satisfaction. Enterprise applications are one of such necessity for a company to handle everything from the payroll, financial statements to tracking the customers. We at Splash Infotech, provide enterprise application services that help your company be connected with customers, suppliers, partners and employees 24×7 hours with the help of mobile and machine to machine connections.

Enterprise applications are changing and advancing rapidly and so large chunk of available IT budgets is consumed by the companies to keep new enhancements and technologies in enterprise applications that increase agility and gain competitive advantages. Here comes the importance of our enterprise application services. Irrespective of the type of enterprise applications that our customers operate for their business, we ensure improved security, increased availability, enhanced performance and superior recover ability that result in real business benefit. The enterprise application services provided by us reduces time-to-market and lowers the total cost of ownership along with offering business solutions to give a competitive edge to the business. With these changes, the business can meet privacy, security and compliance requirements.

The main enterprise application services offered by Splash Infotech are the following

    • Payment processing
    • Automated billing systems
    • Content management
    • Email marketing systems
    • Call center and customer support
    • Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
    • Customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Business continuity planning (BCP)
    • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
    • Business Intelligence
    • HR Management
    • Enterprise search
    • Messaging and collaboration systems

The highly efficient and long experienced staff at Splash Infotech can deliver a full spectrum of professional enterprise application services that help develop, maintain and support enterprise-class business applications. We work with an aim of becoming the number one option of all types of customers for getting perfect enterprise application services at affordable rate. It is sure by outsourcing Splash Infotech for enterprise application services help you minimize risk, reduce costs and overcome your challenges for these business critical systems.